Mini Australian Shepherds on their first mission

Mini Australia Shepherds trying out herding dogs for the first time - it's almost too cute to be true! In this video, fluffy, clumsy and sweet, they embark on their first mission ...

The energetic bundles of joy are flabbergasted when they meet a small group of fluffy ducklings. "Taking care of a herd is a natural instinct for Australia Shepherds," explains the narrator of the video: "However, that doesn't mean that they also know how to do this ..."

The result: the chubby Finn tries to animate the small group of ducks with his short legs to keep walking and tries hard. But somehow everything still doesn’t really work out. Fortunately, he quickly gets support from his sister. The ducklings actually march in front of them for a few seconds, but only for a few seconds. Well, that's enough for the first time, right?

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