Fur of the month in October: Bengal tom cat Tayo

The proud Bengal tomcat Tayo lives with his two- and four-legged friends in Cologne and has applied for our "fur of the month" with some wonderful pictures. Congratulations on the "fur of the month", dear Tayo! - Picture: Nina Roesgen Tayo's best friends are called… - Image: Nina Roesgen Nala (Ragdoll cat) - Image: Nina Roesgen and Jack (BKH hangover) - Image: Nina Roesgen Nala, Jack and Tayo - Image: Nina Roesgen But Tayo also likes dogs! - Picture: Nina Roesgen No wonder, because pug lady Luna also lives in his home - Image: Nina Roesgen Tayo likes to make himself comfortable with his friends - Image: Nina Roesgen His name is Indian and means "born to be happy" - Image: Nina Roesgen

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  • 26-10-2013 07:10:59

    sonjalotter: ... I just fell in love ... report abuse
  • 11-10-2013 21:10:47

    gertrudhillmann: they love the sun's rays :-) Report abuse
  • 11-10-2013 21:10:04

    gertrudhillmann: can be proud of your kitty, they are all very nice to report abuse
  • 11-10-2013 21:10:22

    gertrudhillmann: very nice room tiger! Report abuse
  • 02-10-2013 20:10:32

    tabatha1965: Maine Coon Mix Mariko, now 6 months old, report abuse to our little princess