Hot weather: tips for dog grooming

Hot weather, dryness and dust: Sultry summers don't make it easy for our four-legged friends. A few tips on how to groom your dog if the thermometer climbs over 30 degrees. If the heat is high, you should groom your dog and cool it down - Image: Shutterstock / otsphoto

Summer means pure stress for your darling. Grooming the dog and giving him relief from the hot weather is essential. Because the fur of the four-legged friend protects against dangerous sun rays and keeps hot weather somewhat away. But at certain temperatures that doesn't help either.

Hot weather: what is hard on the dog's body

Dogs do not have the same options as humans to regulate their body temperature. For example, you cannot sweat. They react to very hot weather with panting - this is how air gets to the nasal and oral mucosa and provides cooling. Dogs can also give off some warmth through the skin. But you shouldn't let your darling fight alone against hot weather. After all, there are many ways to give your dog relief.

Cooling down for dogs on hot days: tips

When the summer temperatures climb to the highest levels, our beloved four-legged friends are happy ...

How to groom the dog in the heat?

You can protect yourself against hot weather with cooling collars or cooling mats. They support the dog in regulating the body temperature. Through a physical reaction, the filling sucks up with water and provides your darling with cooling for several hours. A tip: Do not walk with the dog in the blazing sun for too long. When the weather is hot, you should vary your daily walks. It's best to take a walk in the morning or evening. Don't let your darling rave too much and do without city walks on hot asphalt.

Special collars are not necessarily required in the garden and yard: it is often sufficient to offer the four-legged friend cool surfaces as a berth. Tip: leave blankets and dog beds out in hot weather. Stone slabs, tiles or laminate are better. If it becomes too difficult for your four-legged friend, you can take care of the dog by wrapping cool envelopes around its limbs. Simply soak a towel with cold water and wring it out. A cooling cloth can also be placed on the lying surface. In any case, such wraps help your dog to give off heat better.

Tip: Use hot weather for splashing fun

If you have a lot of space, you can use hot weather to groom and entertain the dog at the same time: offer your darling a small dog pool or a paddling pool. So your loyal friend can cool off on his own and is also wonderfully busy. In addition, you save yourself the time-consuming bathing procedure if your dog was playing in dry dust.