Proper food for young dogs: tips

A balanced diet and the right food for young dogs determine their development. Some tips for dog owners on the correct feeding of puppies. How do you recognize the right food for puppies? - Image: Shutterstock / Wallenrock

Young dogs still grow a lot in the first six months of their lives. Proper nutrition has a major impact on the healthy development of small four-legged friends during this time. You should not feed puppies too much or too energetically. Otherwise they will grow unnaturally quickly. Then the still soft skeleton of the dogs is stressed too much by their disproportionate muscle weight.

Food for young dogs: correct dosage

The right dosage of feed for young dogs is often not easy - especially for large dog breeds. However, if you feed too many or too few nutrients, your animal quickly becomes sick or overweight. Therefore, take the following tip to heart: Feed young dogs in several small meals rather than one large one.

Your little friend's stomach is comparatively tiny in the first few months of life - and cannot digest food rations that are too heavy. A dog only three months old should therefore get three smaller daily meals if possible.

From the 4th to the 12th month you can feed twice a day. And after the age of 1, you can safely take a meal a day. Adjust the size of the serving to the frequency of meals. But how much should a dog eat until the age of 2? For rough orientation, you can assume 6 to 10 percent of your body weight.

When it comes to food for young dogs, do not forget that your four-legged friend needs a little more food in the winter or during long exertion.

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Tips for a balanced diet

The feed for young dogs should not only be adequately portioned, but also properly composed. Make sure that the food for your little friend contains enough protein, vitamins, trace elements and other important nutrients.

Calcium is particularly important - after all, the teeth of your young four-legged friend should grow properly. For this you should feed feed bones or liver. With a few tips from experts, you can put together the food for your dog yourself. However, it is recommended to simply stick to the already mixed offers.

In any case, the packaging of the respective food also indicates how much you should give it to your little companion.