Oklahoma: Dog rescued alive from tornado rubble

Little luck in big chaos: After hours of worrying about her beloved pet, Barbara Garcia is happy to see her dog, which she thought was lost - undamaged. He had disappeared into the ruins of her collapsed house after the Monday tornado. Tornado in Oklahoma: woman finds her dog again - Image: Youtube / Channel4News

After the devastation caused by the tornado near Oklahoma City, Barbara Garcia's house is also in ruins. She is desperate because she can no longer find her dog. "I went into my little bathroom and sat on a stool with my dog ​​on my lap," she reports to the CBS TV crew.

"The moment the power went out, the chair fell over and I was thrown back and forth." When she came to her senses, she experienced the next shock: your dog was gone. She called him in vain and sensed the worst.

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Dog and owner: Happy reunion

Even while she is being interviewed, a little moment of happiness begins in all the suffering of the tornado victims: the neighbor of the old lady discovers the intact but slightly dazed dog in the rubble of her house.

With a little help, he frees himself and is immediately greeted by his happy mistress, who caresses him lovingly: "I thought God only heard one of my two prayers - that I was okay," she says: "But he answered both. The dog was my second prayer. "