Sochi 2014: Dogs and cats die for the Olympics

Animal rights activists are outraged: For the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russian authorities are said to want to kill more than 2,000 stray dogs and cats. Those in charge let their scandalous project cost a lot and do not hesitate to make derisive comments. Olympics 2014 in Sochi: The death sentence for stray dogs and cats? - Image: Shutterstock / cristi180884

Again, a major sporting event in Eastern Europe seems to be causing an animal scandal: After the European Football Championship in Ukraine in 2012, Russian authorities now want to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, allegedly free of stray dogs and cats that are abundant in the city , This is reported by the German Press Agency (dpa), referring to an interview with Russian parliamentarian Sergei Krivonosov with the newspaper "RBK Daily".

"Catch, selection and disposal" for more than 40,000 euros

The killing of the strays was even put out to tender: professional animal catchers are supposed to eliminate more than 2,000 stray dogs and cats for the equivalent of 42,500 euros. Kriwonossow is quoted in words that in the ears of animal lovers just have to sound like a mockery: "We have an obligation to the international community", he is said to have told the RBK Daily on Wednesday. Because the stray dogs and cats would be an obvious problem, killing them was "the quickest way to solve the problem." The cruel motto of the tender: "Catch, selection and disposal".

This is how dogs and cats should be doing:

Dog and cat are friends for life

Discussion undesirable - animal rights activists outraged

It seems questionable whether those responsible can still be changed. According to the news channel n-tv, those responsible are primarily concerned with putting Russia in a good light during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. All over the world, animal rights activists are naturally outraged by this approach and call for the problem with the stray dogs and cats to be solved in a different way. The animals should be sterilized instead.

When do boycott calls occur?

It remains to be seen whether there will also be boycott calls, as at the 2012 European Football Championship. Animal lovers will surely think twice about going to Russia for the games or watching the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi on TV.