This is what winners look like: these are your favorite Facebook photos

We have posted a lot of Facebook photos in the past few months - but which ones did you like best? In the photo gallery there's the resolution. Wow, what colors! This colorful Rainbow Lorikeet has done it to you and is among the top ten! - Image: Shutterstock / Peter Waters 2nd place: Very little cat, lots of likes: This kitten is also in black and white look for hugging - Image: Shutterstock / Lana Langlois Totally relaxed: This guinea pig can be satisfied with its many Facebook likes! - Image: Shutterstock / Ralph Loesche 8th place: First a peanut: A chipmunk celebrates its top position - Image: Shutterstock / Elaine Davis 4th place: This bunny is a bit shy but totally popular! - Image: Shutterstock / artemisphoto 6th place: This little Rottweiler puppy is also adorable - Image: Shutterstock / Roman Zhuravlev 5th place: This rank belongs to a particularly beautiful big cat: the snow leopard - Image: Shutterstock / Blucie Photo 4th place: This little kitten also delighted you on a tour of discovery. Result: almost 3000 likes! - Image: Shutterstock / Nataliia Melnychuk 3rd place: These two candidates take winter sporty and make themselves popular - Image: Shutterstock / vvvita 3rd place: These two cats do teamwork and get the best place! - Image: Shutterstock / Kozub Vasyl

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