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Snow White on Velvet Paws: Snow White Cats

White cats are rare and fascinating. Their silky fur is often in contrast with their intense eyes, as you can see impressively in our picture gallery. Very small and super cute: White kittens - Picture: Shutterstock / Kuzmin White cat at midday rest: handsome little guy - Image: Shutterstock / chochowy Very close: White cat with green eyes - Image: Shutterstock / Isidro Dias Snow-white cat with two different eye colors - Image: Shutterstock / DmitriMaruta But take good care of the fur: White cat in the open - Image: Shutterstock / Tatjana Romanova Snow, white cat and sunset: what a beautiful picture - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

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  • 02-04-2014 20:04:07

    sabineschul: Snow-white kittens are probably the cutest in the world. I like to have one too! Report abuse
  • person

    26-08-2013 10:08:14

    verenaming9: just cute and cute ... report abuse
  • 28-03-2013 17:03:39

    monikasanford7: Really great picture :-) Report abuse