Great music video: cats as sock heroes

In their music video for "Kittens on the beat", the duo from Corridor Digital turned two cute cats into real superheroes - or rather sock heroes. Because the two velvet paws defend the socks of their mistress with all their might and catch little black men during a raid - very big cinema!

Have you ever wondered where your socks sometimes go? It is a mere rumor that they get lost in the washing machine. Because it's actually little black males who steal the foot warmers. Good for those who have a house tiger at home who hunts for thieves. Corridor Digital have now set a memorial to the attentive guard cats with the music video for "Kittens on the beat". The kittens use electronic beats to hunt the little men who are on the prowl with a Lamborghini and special equipment.

Corridor Digital: visionary video makers

Corridor Digital consists of Sam Gorski and Nikolas Pueringer from Los Angeles. The two have a lot of fun creating small video masterpieces with impressive special effects. The two are no longer insider tips on the video portal Youtube.

"Kittens on the beat": cats in the leading role

In "Kittens on the beat" the main roles went to two cute cats, who allow themselves a turbulent cat and mouse game with the sock thieves. They pounce on the black males like two superheroes. The scenery is accompanied by driving beats. You can see breathtaking stunts, exciting slow-motion shots and great special effects. Even if you don't like electronic music: Cat lovers will get their money's worth with the music video "Kittens on the beat".