Wellness for the dog: Your four-legged friend stays relaxed

Not only people, but also pets are often stressed. In the following we give interesting and useful relaxation tips for dogs so that they can simply let their dog's soul dangle. Totally relaxed: This Siberian Husky is not upset - Image: Shutterstock / Nata Sdobnikova

Who does not know it: You come home stressed from the hard working day and want to really relax in your own four walls. Such a recovery is extremely important. If you cannot find a balance from all the stress that life brings with it, this can have consequences for the body and mind. The animals are no different. If the stress becomes too great, this can not only make itself physically noticeable, but can also result in behavioral disorders or psychosomatic illnesses. Owners and owners should therefore make sure that the dog also gets rest breaks.

Set up a quiet zone for the dog

Ideally, set up a special relaxation zone for your four-legged friend - a kind of personal wellness area in which they can do what they want. Tip: The area should be protected from noise and warm enough. So that the dog can fully recover from stress, you should take care to minimize the sun exposure. You can also beautify your dog's wellness area with a dog bed, pillows and blankets. So the four-legged friend can snuggle up comfortably.

Comfort corner: Warmth is key

Since dogs are literally attracted to heat and this has a beneficial effect even when sick, it is also advisable to provide an appropriate heat source. Tip: Get your pet a special hot water bottle that is specially made for animals and is therefore indestructible. Your pet will thank you.

Beach vacation with dog? Great fun!

Plan trips into the countryside and the water

If you live in the city and your dog can rarely enjoy the great outdoors, you should regularly go on long trips into the countryside. The secluded meadow as a wellness area has an extremely relaxing effect on the dog, because the four-legged friend can do what he wants here, far from the rules of conduct. Tip: A trip to the water can literally wash away the stress.

Wellness for the dog: do you like a massage?

Last but not least, since dogs are very body-conscious animals, you should consider not only hugging your four-legged friend, but also giving a massage - as strange as that may sound at first. You can use a conventional massage glove and knead your pet properly. The animals particularly like it when masters or mistresses tamper with their ears. If you follow these tips, nothing stands in the way of a happy and healthy dog ‚Äč‚Äčlife.