Westminster Dog Show: dog show to look away?

It's not just Fashion Week that's going on in New York. At the 137th Westminster Dog Show, dogs had their big appearance over the past two days. But is it really the four-legged friends who are supposed to convince the audience and the jury or is it not rather the questionable validity requirement of the owner and owner? Shih Tzu: A measured dog? - Picture: Facebook / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Shih Tzu: A measured dog? - Picture: Facebook / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Bichon Frisé at the Westminster Dog Show: Styled like a soft toy - Image: Facebook / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Mistress likes it: Poodle at New York dog show - Image: Facebook / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Shar Pai: A dog loses sight at the Westminster Dog Show - Picture: Facebook / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Doesn't stand on dog shows: "I'm a pug, get me out of here!" - Picture: Facebook / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

New York's Madison Square Garden was packed when more than 2,700 dogs were demonstrated on Monday and Tuesday (February 11-12). Almost 190 different dog breeds were represented. Including barely cooked poodles, blow-dried and groomed Shih Tzus, styled Yorkshire Terriers and obviously over-bred Shar Peis, the folds of which are so pronounced that the dogs can hardly see anything or Chinese crested dogs with blow-dried bangs. What Westminster President Sean McCarthy probably meant when he said "Spiegel" at the opening of the dog show: "The spirit of dog shows is to show dogs appropriately".

Westminster Dog Show: What is Appropriate?

Most dog lovers hardly understand what "large" was to be seen at the Westminster Dog Show: Committed masters and mistresses who did not miss the opportunity to blow-dry even the smallest "blemish" or hide it with smaller tricks , It would perhaps be more appropriate if the winning candidate for the herding dogs, the old English herding dog "Swagger", were actually used for his favorite task in the wild, instead of having to walk around in front of thousands of spectators at a dog show with blown-up and pure-fur to please the jury.

Dog shows: what mistress says is beautiful

Of course, not all mistresses and masters who send their four-legged darling to a dog show like the Westminster Dog Show can be sheared together, as the "Spiegel" report suggests. But if comb and hair dryer are the central weapons that are crossed here, is it still about the dog? Or is the focus rather on the ego of mistresses and mistresses who determine what is beautiful and what is not under the guidance of the jury?

The Westminster Dog Show is probably one of the more extreme events among dog shows in the world, and the mentioned and shown examples of overbred and exaggeratedly styled pedigree dogs are particularly polarizing images that are popular with the public. In doing so, they do other dog shows in which the four-legged friends are allowed to be much more dogs, but do a disservice.

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