Daisy secures railroad tracks: a bitch for any eventuality

Dogs have numerous talents, they are used for therapy, or as blind or avalanche dogs. But as a security post for defective train barriers? No problem for the German long-haired dog Daisy from Osnabrück! Click here for pictures of the smartest dog breeds.

It started like every other day: A 47-year-old from Osnabrück went for a walk with her dog Daisy. At a level crossing, however, the mum noticed a slow approaching train - the railroad barriers were broken. Suddenly the train driver came up to the two and asked them to step in for the broken barriers, almost as a replacement security post. The two conscientiously accepted the new job, after all the German longhaired dogs are considered excellent pointers. However, the order was no longer complex. During the crossing of the train, only an approaching car had to be warned. Nevertheless: exemplary behavior by humans and dogs.

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