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Beer for a good dog

Matt and Danielle Curtis live in a small apartment in the South Korean city of Daejeon. There they grind and cook grain and have even bought a refrigerator. They brew beer in their free time - and can hardly keep up with demand. However, the two are not about profit, but about a good dog purpose. Animal shelter dogs are said to be better off with the efforts of Danielle and Matt Curtis - Image: Shutterstock / Anton Gvozdikov

The young couple adopted a dog named Pax from the local animal shelter last November, reports the news magazine "The Korean Herald". The two were so shocked by the inhumane conditions there that they wanted to enable the animal inhabitants to live better. So they started brewing different types of beer of their own in order to use the proceeds to support the animals in the home.

Beer proceeds for local animal welfare organization

Meanwhile, Matt and Danielle work twice a month at the shelter to clean cages, pet the animals, and walk with them. After the work is done, they distribute their homemade beer to the volunteers to receive further donations. During their first visit last January, around EUR 140 could be collected in one day, which was passed on to the Animal Rescue Korea organization.

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