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Humpback whale rams canoe: Spectacular video

That was close! A group of canoeists escaped the hawaiian island of Maui when suddenly a humpback whale jumped out of the water in front of them and rammed the boat.

How lucky that the humpback whale was just a hatchling. If a full-grown specimen had plunged out of the water in front of the canoe and rammed it, the whole thing would probably have turned out less lightly.

Humpback whale was a playful hatchling

Humpback whales are usually not so aggressive - and in this case too it can be assumed that the young marine mammal simply rammed the canoe out of its play instinct. The canoeists will remember this trip forever. After all, for the horror they were rewarded with this spectacular video.

Whales - the gigantic inhabitants of the sea

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