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Our top 5 fluffiest animals

Would you like a little fluffier? In our top 5 we present five of the fluffiest animals in the world. You just want to hug these creatures - except for the sheep.

Scottish folding cat: Perhaps the fluffiest cat ever - Image: Shutterstock / Nikolai Pozdeev Baby harp seal: Easy to cuddle - Image: Shutterstock / FloridaStock Miniature tip: especially fluffy when young - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev Angora rabbit: especially cute shaggy - Image: Shutterstock / Alexandra Giese Sheep: Unshorn, the animals have an impressive wool - Image: Shutterstock / PRILL

Is it fluffy or is it fluffy? Cute animals with a special fur are not only attractive for small children, adults cannot resist and would like to touch the hair immediately. At the top of our list of the fluffiest animals is the Scottish Folded Cat. The cat, mainly bred in the USA, with the ears hanging forward, you want to hug immediately and take with you to bed. The breeding of this cat breed is very controversial. Among other things, because the house tigers often suffer from ear mites or deafness. The foldable cat close on its heels in terms of cuteness factor is the harp seal in baby format. The animal living in the Arctic is not for nothing one of the most popular cuddly toys.

Fur kings: dwarf tip and Angora rabbit

Of course, even a dog cannot be missing from the fluffiest animals. The choice fell on the dwarf spitz, which has a fascinatingly fluffy fur, especially at a young age. Furthermore, the Angora rabbit has a great coat to offer, unless you "shave" the poor animals to get to the Angora. Our runaway among the fluffiest animals is a sheep. Although you might not want to cuddle with the animal lawn mower right away, you have to admit that the wool has a lot to offer.

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