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Gigantic school of dolphins off California

For many, watching a dolphin in the wild is the greatest happiness. But what if suddenly thousands of cute marine mammals pass by you? A video shows a huge school of dolphins off the California coast. The pictures were taken on a dolphin safari.

You really don't see something like this every day. The participants of this dolphin safari were really lucky when an incredibly huge swarm of dolphins rushed off the coast of California at the so-called Dana Point and caused a lot of enthusiasm. In the background there are at least as many "Aaahs" and "Ooohs" as marine mammals surround the boat.

Rare swarm of dolphins can be seen for miles

One after the other, sea creatures jump out of the water, so that you can still see the specimens bouncing out of the water a few kilometers away. Such behavior is rather unusual in dolphins and can usually be observed when something scares the marine mammals.

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