Cute sloth: eating like a world champion

Just cute - there is no other way to describe this baby sloth happily chewing in front of it. The little one has so much fun eating that he even lies comfortably on his back during the meal to consume his oh so beloved green beans.

Try it with coziness - this saying by Balu the Bear from the Jungle Book could just as well have come from a sloth. The tooth-poor mammals are generally said to be not the fastest animals - no matter what they do. This little girl, however, sets a decent pace when munching.

According to the video description, the cute sloth is blind. The young animal easily recognizes its favorite dish - green beans - because of its shape and sense of smell. Apparently the baby sloth with the funny claws also tampered with a carrot, at the beginning of the video there is still a piece stuck on his nose. But you can only have one favorite dish.

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