Vox show "Herrchentausch" criticized

The TV show has not even run yet and there is already a lot of criticism against "exchange of masters". The new broadcast format is hostile to animal lovers. The reason: you fear that the animal protagonists have been tortured for the quota. Now Vox has responded to the wave of indignation and has explained. "Master exchange" or dog exchange? This pit bull can stay at home! - Image: Shutterstock / dogboxstudio

The main message: "No dog had to suffer for this program". Jan Biekhor, Executive Producer Animal Formats at Vox, told the media magazine "" unequivocally. But why was such a statement by the broadcaster necessary at all? It is a reaction to a Facebook group that calls itself "Against a Master Exchange" and senses cruelty to animals in the broadcast format, which is solely due to the quota. Biekhör suspects a misunderstanding behind the criticism, as the accusation has been raised that the dogs are being torn out of their familiar surroundings.

Master exchange: All dogs stay at home

The producer has now cleared up this misunderstanding: "The dogs do not leave their familiar surroundings and are not snatched from their loved ones. They do no unnatural things and at no time did the animals get stressed during the filming. All the families involved have something in 'Herrchentausch' learned about themselves and their handling of their animals. No dog had to suffer for this program, but some have benefited from the new experiences of their owners and mistresses, "continues the media magazine.

Instead, owners leave their familiar surroundings and move into a strange dog household. According to Vox, the aim of the new TV show is that experiences are exchanged that primarily benefit the dogs. If you want to check whether the critic or the broadcaster is right, you can turn on "Herrchentausch" from February 23, 2013.

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