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Google Street View raises dead donkeys

Google knows a lot and Google can do a lot - but also to raise dead donkeys again? Google Street View makes it possible! But let's start from the beginning: The story had started with the fact that pictures of the supposedly dead donkey from Botswana appeared via Twitter, which were supposed to expose the Internet giants as unscrupulous animal killers. Here the donkey seems to be lying dead in the dust - Image: Screenshot / Google Street View

Here the donkey seems to be lying dead in the dust - Image: Screenshot / Google Street View A little later the donkey is alive again - Image: Screenshot / Google Street View

After the images of the street service Google Street View spread on social networks, the Australian news portal "" took care of the matter. Finally, the view of things seemed clear: If you virtually drive through the vastness of Botswana, you can still see the donkey on the side of the road before it is just one click later dead in the dust. The Google Street View photo carriage must have driven the poor animal mercilessly.

When asked by Google, they received a simple explanation from the internet company and added a few internal pictures with a smug comment: "Our street view teams take the safety of people and donkeys very seriously," Google told the news site according to the "Spiegel". So the donkey's hair wasn't bent?

Animal rights activists did not really believe this and insisted on your view of things. But when you consider that Botswana has left-hand traffic, it can be explained that the Google Street View car doesn't leave the donkey in the dust behind it, but drives towards it. And as donkeys are, they like to wallow in the dust. For the Google team, that probably meant waiting for the animal to step aside. Maybe polite pleading helped that the stubborn hoofed animal cleared the way. And so it is in the next picture alive on the roadside. In a way, Google Street View got the donkey out of the realm of the dead - and transported it back to the Botswana desert.

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