Dachshund Royal: Dog weakness in the Danish royal family

The Danish royal family around Queen Margrethe, II and Prince Henrik has eaten a fool at the dachshund. The short-legged are not only extremely popular with the Royals, but also provide a source of discussion in the country. Dachshund Royal: Dog weakness in the Danish royal family - Photo: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

The Dachshund: Her Majesty's Short Leg

The Danish royal family had once again loaded: for a reception on the royal ship Danneborg. The crème de la crème of the blue-blooded and powerful was present while Evita struggled through the rows to examine everything and everyone properly. Evita is one of the many dachshunds of the Danish royal family and it goes without saying for Queen Margrethe, II. And Prince Henrik that she can be present on such occasions.

The calf biter of the Danish royal family

The Danish royals maintain a relationship with the short-legged friends that may not yet have been adequately described with love. A heated debate has broken out among residents about how to deal with snappy dogs. This is to blame for the royal Dachshund, who has repeatedly lived up to her reputation as a calf-biter. Thus, the farm dogs were even the focus of national emergency and rescue operations.

Peace and quiet at the Royal Dachshund Cemetery

When dachshund lady Zenobie disappeared without a trace in 1993, Margrethe called on the population to help with the search. Armed with sausages and treats, their subjects went to the field to find Zenobia, which, however, disappeared to the great sadness of the Danish royal family. She probably fell victim to a fox. However, the bitch was certain of a funeral that, given the last resting place in the Dachshund cemetery in the royal palace park, was reminiscent of a state funeral.

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