Grumpy Cat: Bad mood has a face

"I used to have fun. But it was terrible." Grumpy Cat stands by the slogan of their website. The kitty looking always ruinous would have reason to be happy: She has over 200,000 fans on Facebook and was voted "Most Important Cat 2012". A smile, a smile? Not with Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Cat: Bad mood has a face - Photo: 2013 Facebook / Tard the Grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat: Did you run a mouse over your liver?

The Stubentiger is eight months old and looks as if nothing, but nothing in this world, could bring him joy. The expression on his face is so dark and frozen that one has to worry about getting wiped within the next few seconds. Grumpy Cat's owner has long since made it clear that the young cat likes to be petted and also goes through life with enthusiasm and joyful curiosity.

Facebook fans? I do not care!

Grumpy Cat has long become a Facebook and YouTube phenomenon. Around the world, animal lovers enjoy the lousy look of the cat. But why such a facial expression? Nothing has been resolved for the time being. During an examination, doctors were unable to determine whether the grim face was neurological or genetic.

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