Anteaters prefer to eat termites

The agony of choice. No, this is not about the political annoyance of adolescents, but about anteaters. The long noses only eat ants and termites. But if they could choose their food, they would have a quick and perhaps somewhat surprising decision ready. Image: krizz7 -

Anteaters eat ants - but prefer termites

There are four subspecies of anteaters in Central and South America. Large specimens weigh 60 kilograms, smaller representatives of this species only 250 grams. Our focus is on the giant anteater, which mainly inhabits savannas. What a nose! It should come as no surprise that he can use it to track down his favorite food, ants and termites. More likely that if he had the choice, he would choose termites.

Long nose and termitator

Because anteaters, contrary to their name, prefer termites. This is explained by their anatomy. Their strong paws with their sharp claws are made to destroy termite mounds - although these structures sometimes have the hardness of cement. After the bearish bulldozer has torn down the hills, there is no escape from its long, fused tongue.

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