Singing bulldog: Until the ears burst

Bulldogs are generally considered to be scary dogs and are often used for hunting. A video now proves that the dogs also have other talents: The French bulldog named Alice, shown here, is a true singing artist. Please open the boxes fully!

Like small children, young animals often try to express their displeasure - or rather: will - by means of volume and finally enforce it. The cute French Bulldog in the video doesn’t want to take a little singing lesson to get on the sofa - sometimes with strange sounding sounds.

Whether Alice manages to get hold of a sofa remains open. Likewise, whether it is really the bitch who sings there, who has taken possession of a demon, or whether the uploader of the video helped acoustically. If the bulldog should actually make such noises, it can be assumed that the master will give in to the shrill pitch at some point.

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