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Blind passenger: tragic end for flying python

A probably unique case: On a Quantas flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea, a New Guinea amethyst python traveled on the aircraft wing. Passengers noticed the stowaway. They had to watch the snake's agony until it ended tragically. An amethyst python like this was a stowaway on an airplane - Image: Shutterstock / mountainpix

The New Guinea amethyst python, which had hid in the wing flaps of one of the wings before the plane took off in Australia, measured almost three meters. According to a spokeswoman for the airline Quantas, this is the first case of such an unusual blind passenger, reports the "mirror". That remains to be hoped for, because the poor snake had to pay for the unwanted plane trip with his life - including a bitter struggle for survival.

A video recorded by the passengers shows how the python had to fight the icy cold and the flying wind of up to 400 km / h and was repeatedly thrown onto the wing with full force. It was the flying wind that pulled the snake out of its seemingly safe hiding place. The poor animal was still alive on the landing approach until it was subject to its injuries after it was covered in blood.

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