Animal cemetery: A graceful final resting place for your cat

You can bury your deceased cat in an animal graveyard, providing her with a resting place worthy of her. Especially for those who do not have their own garden to bury their loved one, the now more than 100 animal cemeteries in Germany offer an appropriate alternative to mourn the death of your pet. Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

Animal cemetery instead of animal recycling: farewell with dignity

The easiest and cheapest way in Germany to dispose of your pet after its death is by municipal animal recycling. But just thinking about it brings tears to most cat lovers. Your darling deserves a nicer farewell, after all he was a loyal companion for years. It's a good thing there are other ways to bury your cat. In addition to cremation in an animal crematorium, you can also say goodbye to your deceased cuddly tiger with an earth burial. In most large cities, animal cemeteries give you the opportunity to set up a place of mourning and goodbye individually.

Burying the cat: what are the costs?

While loveless disposal of animal carcasses costs just 20 to 30 euros, you have to pay significantly more for a grave in an animal cemetery. For this, however, you are paying your velvet paw a last honor. The burial itself costs between 100 and 300 euros. The grave rent, however, adds another three-digit amount. Added to this are the costs for the tombstone. The big advantage for the grieving mistress or owner, however, cannot be offset by money. Animal cemeteries provide a place to process his grief. If you regularly visit the grave of your velvet paw, this can help you to get over the loss of your beloved animal better.

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