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How did you come up with the dog?

The likeable and cute four-legged friends are man's best friends. But how did we get the dog? Let us go in search of the origins of a well-known phrase.

Who got the dog?

First of all: The exact origin of the phrase "got on the dog" is not known. But a fairly large number of tracks can still be collected.

In earlier times, the money earned was brought to the bank. Literally, in wooden chests. Inside, these containers were decorated with representations, including dogs. If the savings had been used up, the dog had come to follow the saying.

Another explanation that is often used is the origin of the phrase when the dog was seen far more as a farm animal than it is today. Those who used to have to transport something and could not afford oxen or horses simply took a dog as a draft animal.

As unclear as the true origin of this phrase is, social descent is at the center of the attempt to explain it. That's what the mining car was called dog. If a miner was guilty of something, he had to pull the dog as punishment while his salary was reduced. This assumption is not confirmed, rather the German mountain dictionary published in 1871 rejects this thesis as not very true.

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