Bruno: How problem bear JJ1 kept Germany in suspense

Despite the soccer World Cup in their own country: The summer of 2006 was all about Bruno the problem bear. After 170 years, another bear roamed the German countryside and made all sorts of headlines. For weeks, the Petz fooled its pursuers - until one drastically cracked down in Bavaria. Image: Shutterstock / Jens Klingebiel -

Allow Bruno!

What have they not tried? Bear traps from the United States, dogs and experts from Finland or hunters from Bavaria. But Bruno aka. "JJ1", the firstborn of father Joze and mother Jurka, remained undetectable. In the summer of 2006, the animal from South Tyrol set out to explore Bavaria - and paid for it with his life.

It was reserved for the then Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber to give the sheep and chicken-tearing animal the press name "Problem Bear". All of Europe took part amused in a week-long chase, in which Bruno revealed himself as a clever forest dweller and at times gave his pursuers ridicule.

Problem bear dahoam

The killing of JJ1 was finally justified on the grounds that Bruno had lost his natural fear of people and was therefore a danger. However, eyewitnesses denied this. Animal rights activists criticized the decision sharply even then. The new media star even launched the WWF. Today Bruno can be admired as a stuffed attraction in the Munich Museum Man and Nature. His fans think Bar (y) rbarisch.

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