How a pug protects your screen

Computer monitors are actually designed in such a way that screen savers have long become superfluous. But when you look at a pug's faithful eyes at work, you want the good old tube monitors back. Even if he doesn't really give little ones more insight.

Have you been staring at your computer monitor all day? Your eyes need relaxation? No problem with this pug. It not only provides an excellent screen saver, but also gives its viewer a short moment to let the soul dangle a little. Because who doesn’t get rapt at this sight?

While the video only fills a small part of the monitor, you can enjoy the slurping four-legged friend via "". But be careful: In the long run, the cute pug has a mesmerizing effect and could keep you from doing office or housework. We recommend this screensaver only at your own risk.

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