Eagle attack on toddler was just a fake

The video went around the world and caused horror: an eagle grabs a toddler in a park in Montreal, Canada and wants to drag it away. But before panicked parents live in constant fear for their children, there is now the all-clear: the whole thing was just an animation.

The video is deceptively real: A hobby filmmaker discovers an eagle in the sky and holds it with the camera. An impressive motif - but suddenly the king of the air loops, sinks down and grabs a toddler in flight, whose father is just not knowing what to pack for the start. The child seems too heavy, however, the bird of prey drops it again. The picture pans away, the cameraman rushes to the incredible event. Fortunately, the child is unharmed.

The almost incredible story landed on Youtube, and millions of people around the world watched the video in horror. The dispute: truth or fake? Isn't the child's shadow missing? Why would an eagle do this? The all-clear debates in forums were soon followed by the all-clear: Everything was faked! The video is not real, but was created with the help of animation technology, reports the "Spiegel". Students from the State Center for Animation and Design (NAD) in Montreal were responsible for the work. Both the eagle and the child were incorporated into the video as 3D animations. As the turmoil on the net shows, the students have done a good job. Whether this was worth scaring parents and their children is another matter. After all, families in Montreal can now go to the park again with peace of mind.