Are you still alive or is the monkey already laughing?

In Toronto, Canada, a little rhesus monkey caused a stir at Ikea: dressed in an elegant coat and a less fashionable diaper, the animal was waiting for its owner in the parking lot. Previously, it was pulled out of a cage in its car. The furniture store visitors were delighted - but animal rights activists were less.

It is hardly surprising that the rhesus monkey is causing a sensation worldwide and is now also a small star on the Internet. Just the sight of the cute animal in its thick winter coat will melt your heart. However, there are also consequences that the monkey at Ikea got caught in the parking lot: The animal fashion trendsetter was confiscated and is now crouching in the local shelter without his coat. The keeping of exotic animals like this rhesus monkey is prohibited in Canada. His master was therefore fined. Let's hope that the cute little monkey will soon find a new home.

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