Don't look, otherwise I'll spit! Do llamas really spit?

The llama and the spit. Two terms that are inextricably linked. As in many cases, the truth is somewhere in the middle. But you shouldn't get cheeky in the presence of this camel species. Image: bettina sampl -

The llama just wants to communicate

The lama, like humans, is a herd animal. And as is the case in large groups, certain rituals of communication are quasi official practice. Bipeds like to rip their hands on the horn in the heavy rush hour to express their impatience and dissatisfaction. And just as the good-natured lamas would probably have little understanding for such behavior, their occasional spitting is not revealed to us humans either.

Spitting knows limits

Because they actually do it, albeit mostly for different reasons than previously thought. Jealousy of food and competition within the herd are the most common causes of such warning shots. However, do not think you can annoy the Andean animals to your heart's content without getting away with it. If you get too close to the animals, or even go so far as to annoy them, your desire for a towel could become a reality more quickly than you would like.

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