Czechoslovakian Wolfhound: Buy TWH

The Czechoslovakian Wolfhound, TWH for short, is an imposing, beautiful dog that is reminiscent of a mixture of wolf and German shepherd. He is strong, intelligent, pretty and lovable, but not always easy when it comes to dog training. If you want to buy a Czechoslovakian wolfhound, you should have experience in keeping dogs. The wonderful Czechoslovakian wolfhound has a very special, natural look - Shutterstock / gloverk

A Czechoslovakian wolfhound is not a difficult dog in this way, but it is often stubborn, which is also due to its high level of intelligence. The robust and winter-proof TWH therefore needs an experienced, consistent and loving upbringing, without coercion or even violence. If you want to buy a Czechoslovakian wolfhound, you should definitely be aware in advance that the education of the beautiful four-legged friend is not a casual thing, but is definitely worth it.

Czechoslovakian wolfhound needs a lot of space and nature

As previously mentioned, as a dog owner you should have some experience before buying a TWH. In addition, aspects that affect the environment of his new home are also important. The fur nose, which weighs up to 45 kilograms, needs space and ideally its own area in the fresh air. A flat is not a species-appropriate environment for the fresh air loving dog. Czechoslovakian wolfhounds often react very sensitively and anxiously to unrest in human society, such as large crowds of people or city traffic - a natural center of life and lots of exercise and exercise are better.

This is how you promote your dog's intelligence

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Physical and mental workload is important

A Czechoslovakian wolfhound can show impressive physical performance, cover many kilometers in a row at walking pace and quickly recover from it. A simple walk on a leash accordingly does not take the athletic four-legged friend's load. The TWH is very intelligent and eager to learn, which is why mental activity is important in addition to physical exertion. The dog breed loves to have tasks and to please the pack leader, i.e. the owner or owner. Simple retrieval is usually not enough - the wolfhound usually has a natural reluctance to repeat exercises.

Plan time and employment for TWH

A Czechoslovakian wolfhound builds an intensive bond with his caregiver or caregivers and should be left alone as rarely as possible. A home where people work eight hours during the day and leave him alone is not suitable for the social mustache. He would be lonely as well as suffering from massive underchallenge. So devote a lot of time and love to your TWH - he thanks you with deep friendship, joy and loyalty. Find out more about the dog breed from the reputable dog breeder. You can find out more about choosing a breeder in the guide: "How to recognize a good dog breeder".