Dog nutrition: feed the rumen properly

Have you ever considered rumen feeding your dog? The beef stomach can be given as a healthy meal during normal feeding, but it also fits on the menu if you barked your four-legged friend. Many dogs are happy when they feed them with rumen - Image: Shutterstock / Amy Rene

Rumen is the largest of the three stomachs of the beef. It functions as a fermentation chamber in which the cellulose from the plant food is broken down by microorganisms, making it easier for the beef to digest and utilize grass, leaves and the like. Rumen belongs to the slaughterhouse waste and therefore rarely lands on our table. Your dog sees it very differently. For your four-legged companion, the cattle stomach can be a healthy delicacy - provided that you feed it properly.

There is so much good in the green rumen

If you feed your dog with rumen, you are giving it important vitamins and nutrients. The rumen contains valuable plant residues and enzymes. Among other things, the innards provide your four-legged friend with vitamin A, vitamins of the B complex, vitamins C, D and E as well as numerous minerals and trace elements. Here is a list of the nutritional values:

• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin E
• Vitamins B1 to B12
• fluorine
• iron
• copper
• manganese
• iodine
• zinc
• sulfur
• phosphorus

Dog food without animal testing: you should pay attention to this

Not only in our diet, we should focus on sustainable production and origin of the food ...

Feed rumen, but right

Rumen consists of the inner stomach lining, a muscle layer and the peritoneum of the bovine. In some cases, the product is also offered in bulk. It is important that you feed your dog with green rumen: This means that the stomach has not been washed, but still contains plant remains from the digestion of the cattle. Washed white rumen or cooked rumen pieces, so-called tripe, do not like to eat dogs. These variants also contain less valuable nutrients.

Buy and prepare rumen

They ideally buy rumen at the farm or butcher shop you trust. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer farms and butchers offer rumen, so you often have to inquire directly at slaughterhouses or buy the meat in the frozen state on the Internet. Before feeding a frozen rumen, you must of course defrost it first. Always pay attention to high quality and question very cheap prices when you order online.

Before the green rumen gets into the bowl, you should check the vitamin bomb for foreign objects. Since cattle are unable to sort them out of the grass when eating, stones, metal or plastic particles can end up in the forestomach and cannot be found during processing at the slaughterhouse.