Easter with cats: matching gifts for the spring festival

Does the Easter Bunny also come for cats? Of course, that is entirely at the discretion of the owner. But one thing is certain: the beloved four-legged friends are happy when their favorite meal is on the menu or a new toy is waiting for them on the occasion of the happy family celebration. We have therefore collected a few sweet gift ideas for you here. Easter for cats: beautiful gifts for the spring festival - Image: Shutterstock / vvvita

How can you really make cats really happy at Easter? Admittedly - eating, playing and sleeping is always on the top list of their favorite pastimes with house tigers. But the matching accessories are wonderful as Easter gifts, with which you can really pamper your darling. So if you want to quickly get a little something for Easter, you will definitely find it in pet stores or in large mail order companies such as Amazon. We have put together our most beautiful discoveries for your inspiration:

Easter gifts for cats: fun, games and entertainment

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

Whether alone, with other cats or with the owner: cats love to keep busy. This "fun board" trains the dexterity of the cat and also keeps it busy when the owner is out of the house for a while. The toy has five game modules that appeal to the different senses and is suitable for cats from three months.

Kerbl Raschel tunnel

Simple cat fun in cheerful spring colors: this rustling tunnel is particularly adventurous for the curious cheeky badgers from the cat world. The rustling of the sewn-in crackle film invites you to play, hide and romp and can also be used outdoors when the weather is nice.


Balls are the classic among cat toys and just always go. These colorful soft balls awaken the cat's hunting instinct and are available in multipacks in case one or the other disappears under the sofa!

Cozy sleeping places: A cozy Easter for your cat

Hammock SIESTA
You'd have to be a cat: for cozy tigers, this small hammock is a paradise for dreaming, cuddling and lying in the sun. And the plush mat ensures the special comfort of this unusual sleeping place.

Trixie Isaba Scratching Post
Sleeping and playground in one? This cat tree is both for the cat and thus saves a little space in the apartment. It has a height of 62 cm and is provided with a long-haired plush cover.

pEi Pod Pet House
Looking for Easter eggs with cats? No problem with this extravagant cat house. The funny egg is also used by small dogs as a place to sleep.

Feeding and care: Easter gifts for well-being

Fight against winter fur: Spring can also come with Easter and for house tigers it is time to ventilate their thick winter fur a little. Cuddling hours with the brush are the ideal support.

Catit Design Senses - Labyrinth lining
If you have a small lazy Garfield at home, you can definitely encourage him to play with this food labyrinth. Before he can get his food, he must first move it through the labyrinth with his paws.

Bowl mat Cat s favorite Diner
And if you want to serve your cat a feast for Easter, you may still need the right bowl pad? This copy is pretty to look at and easy to wash off - all that's missing is the right food!

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