The most beautiful Easter gifts for your dog

If you want to involve dogs in the Easter egg hunt, make sure that the feast remains in the memory of your four-legged friend. That is why we have put together a few dog-friendly gifts for you, with which pet owners can provide excitement, fun and joy. Dogs can also be integrated into Easter - Image: Shutterstock / Zanna Demcenko

Dogs are so easy to make happy: a fine bone, an extensive walk and Easter is already an event. If you want something more and want to get a real gift for your dog, you can base your selection on your favorite activities: playing, romping, cuddling and eating. You can find suitable ideas for this in pet stores or via an online shop such as Amazon. We have put together a few popular gifts for you here.

Gifts for dogs: Easter is play time

Karlie latex pop-up egg
These colorful Easter eggs are not meant to be eaten, but are meant to be chewed on. They squeak and squeak and thus awaken the dog's play instinct - especially when the exciting content comes to light.

Trixie plush vulture
A plush vulture for Easter: This cute dog toy animates the dog with his funny voice to play and is also suitable for a bit wilder guys with its robustness.

Trixie Dog Activity Disc
The "Dog Activity Disc" is ideal for fit sports cannons from the dog world. Endurance and reaction speed are trained while playing and the bite-resistant throwing disc is also suitable for young dogs.

Easter gifts from the area of ​​food and care

Cadocare chewing bones

Bones are probably the most popular dog snacks for in between. This multipack contains 50 pieces and does something for the dental care of your four-legged friend. Depending on the size, the dogs can be served between two and four chewing bones of this type.

Karlie food bag

Practical for on the go: with the food bag you always have the right reward for your four-legged friend at hand. So you are perfectly prepared if you want to work with him a little on the upbringing or practice little tricks.

Paulchen massage brush Zoom-Groom

This fun, colorful massage brush combines cuddle units with fur care and is said to have a calming effect on nervous dogs. It is available in two different versions.

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