Puppy playpen: safety for the little ones

A puppy stable is used, for example, when young dogs cannot be supervised for a short time and should not endanger themselves. Even in a room or garden that is not puppy-safe, such a run is a practical temporary solution. There are these models. Cuddle time: In the first weeks, puppies are only with their mother - Image: Shutterstock / CHANARAT

1. Take-away model: Light, practical and perfect for on the go

This colorful puppy playpen can be set up and dismantled quickly and is therefore not only suitable for your own garden, but also to take it with you on trips, to friends or on vacation. The model is equipped with transparent nets on the sides so that the young dogs have everything in view. The scope of delivery also includes a carrying bag and pegs.

2. Nice large outdoor enclosure with bars

This puppy barn can be assembled in different shapes and is therefore well suited to adapt it to different environments. It is composed of eight elements and can reach a maximum diameter of 240 cm. Of course, the outdoor enclosure has no sharp edges and is supplied with assembly material.

3. Foldable dog run with pockets

This pretty, light puppy run has two doors and a practical opening at the top with a removable grid. The small barn is about one meter high and has a diameter of 130 cm. With its pockets on the side and the carry bag for on the go, it is very practical for longer trips.

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