Find dogs with GPS: matching collars

If you have a passionate stray dog ​​at home and are always looking for him, it will be easier with a GPS system: With his help, the location of the animal can be determined quickly. The associated trackers are usually attached to the dog collar and are available in different versions. Tracking dogs with GPS: matching collars - Image: Shutterstock / Aleksey Klints

1. "Tractive" GPS tracker for four-legged friends

This lightweight, waterproof tracking device attaches to the dog collar and includes convenient features such as the "virtual fence" that notifies the pet owner when the dog crosses a certain border. The small device contains a SIM card that transmits signals to the smartphone or computer browser of the pet owner, who can quickly search for his pet if necessary.

2. Matching collar for the device

A special, hard-wearing dog collar is a good idea to be able to attach the locator well. It is light, adjustable in size and has a special safety lock. With strain relief and high-quality workmanship, it is a practical addition to the GPS device.

3. Locator for small dogs and cats

This locator can be used for small dogs and cats. It weighs 75 grams and comes with protective covers for use in rain, wind and weather. If you want to start looking for your pet, an acoustic signal emitted by a handheld receiver will help you find it.

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