Buying original equipment for dog puppies: tips

If you want to buy a puppy, you can usually pick it up from the breeder at eight to ten weeks of age and have it moved in with you. Before that, the future dog owner should upgrade with the right initial equipment so that the little youngster can feel at home with him. Puppies selected? Then only the right equipment is missing - Image: Shutterstock / Menna

Cuddling, playing, eating, sleeping: a young dog doesn't need much to be happy. The right utensils to meet your basic needs are quickly obtained and can even be conveniently purchased from an online mail order company. Here are some ideas for you:

Accessories for your dog baby: sleep and eat

Hunter bowl "Stripes"

Nice and colorful: This practical melamine bowl is available in two sizes (350 ml and 700 ml). It is easy to clean, dishwasher and non-slip and available in many beautiful colors.
Trixie bed brown / beige

A cozy place to sleep like this warms the puppy on cold floor tiles, protects him from drafts and offers him a cozy retreat. The plush cover is washable.

Play and care made easy

Puppy set with toys

With this set your dog has cuddling fun and fun in one. The fleece blanket and the microfiber towel are nice and cozy and washable, while the two plush toys are designed for fun.
Hunter puppy and cat brush
This brush is nice and soft and with its natural bristles is particularly suitable for the care of young dogs. It can be used to remove loose hair and dust from the fur.

Outdoor equipment: dog puppies on the go

Puppy harness with a leash
For the first little excursions: This puppy harness is available in various sweet colors and equipped with a 1.15 m long line. It's easy to put on and adjust.
"Vario" transport box
A transport box is important if you want to take your puppy to the vet or if you want to keep him in a room that is not puppy-safe for a short time. This box can be opened on three sides and easily cleaned.
You can find an even larger selection of equipment for your puppy here.

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