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Clickers with cats: accessories

Clicker training with cats requires a little patience, loving training and the right accessories. But what exactly do you need? Clickers with cats: Accessories - Image: Shutterstock / Einar Muoni

1. Clicker training - how does that work? Help from the book

Before you can start, you need to get an overview. A book on cat clicker training makes it much easier to get started. Instructions, exercises and tricks ensure that you can get started right away with the right accessories.

2. Available in different colors and sizes: The Clicker

The most important accessory for training is the clicker. In the pet shop and online shop you will find various models that support you in training with your pet. The price range of the clickers starts at around two euros.

3. To complement training: the target stick

The target stick is equipped with an integrated clicker and should serve as support for various exercises and as an extension of the arm during training. A booklet with training tips is included with the stick.

4. Popular all-round package: the cat clicker box

This clicker box is suitable for personal use and as a gift. It contains an introduction to clicker training, practical exercise cards, a clicker and problem solving for common questions. Then you can start!

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