Practical in everyday life: automatic feeders for dogs

Automatic feeders are very practical if the owner and mum are on the road a little longer or want to sleep an hour longer at the weekend. With them, the owners can set when and how much food their dog should get while they are not there. Practical for in between: automatic feeders for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / dogboxstudio

1. Practical: automatic feeder with sound recording function

This automatic feeder holds over 10 liters of dry food and, thanks to its battery operation, is also very suitable for taking it with you on vacation or to the office. With this machine you can program when and how much dry food falls into the bowl. If you want, you can also speak an acoustic announcement to lure the dog to the bowl.

2. For six meals: electronic food bowl for dogs and cats

Smart and practical: six separate bowls are integrated in this automatic food bowl, which you can program at six different times. Of course, you should not leave your dog alone for too long, but such a machine can be very useful in between.

3. Two in one: automat for water and feed

The various automatic feeder models also include practical combinations of water and feed dispensers. The dry food for your dog can be portioned with it, and the water dispenser can be put into operation with various common water bottles.

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