Finding the right cat flap for your cat: tips

Open Sesame! Clearance is a wonderful way for cats to let off steam and lie in the sun. But how do they actually get in and out when their master is not there? Here we would like to introduce you to different types of cat flaps. Cat Flap - Image: (CC): Flickr / Stephenhanafin

Ten cats enjoying the sun to their heart's content

Depending on the type and number of your cats, living area and access conditions, cat owners have different requirements for the cat flap. If you like it very simple and are looking for a cheap way to offer your cat unrestricted entry and exit day and night, you will find just as many different models in online mail order and specialist shops as someone with special needs.

Simple cat flaps for free walkers

A simple cat flap should meet the following requirements: It must allow cats and small dogs in and out at any time, be easy to install, and combine the properties weatherproof, stable and robust - and of course there is no risk of injury to the animals. This model is suitable for cats weighing up to 7 kg.

If you have a large and heavy cat like a Maine Coon as a free-fall, you should choose a cat flap of the appropriate size to make your entry and exit comfortable and uncomplicated. Because only then will she use the flap. Large cat flaps are also suitable for owners of dogs and cats where both four-legged friends are supposed to use the door.

4-way cat flaps for controlled access

4-way cat flaps allow you to individually determine the options for your cat's freedom of movement and to choose between four options: 1. The cat can only leave the house through the flap, 2. It can only enter the house, 3. It can use the door in either direction, or 4. you cannot open the door in either direction.

Of course, you can change the options at any time if you wish. Such a cat flap is suitable, for example, if you don't want your cat to go outside at night. It is available in different designs, colors, shapes, sizes and price ranges.

Cat flap with microchip detection

The neighboring cat is not comfortable with your cat or you just want to make sure that no uninvited guest gets lost in your apartment when you are not there? Then a microchip controlled cat flap is a good and safe choice for you.

Such a cat flap is of course also available in a wide variety of variants. However, its most important function is that it can read your cat's microchip, recognize it and only let it into the house. This flap is battery operated and ensures that your cat can feel comfortable and safe in the house.

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