Choosing a cat: a character decision

Before choosing a cat, there are a few basic things you should do first. In terms of character in particular, you and your new house tiger should go together. Otherwise neither of you will be happy. So that everything fits, it is necessary to clarify a few basic questions. Image: Shutterstock / JuliaSha

If you buy or choose a cat, you should have clarified many questions in advance. How old should the kitty be, what gender should it have and are you flirting more with a pedigree cat or a house cat? Your own living conditions as well as the future environment of the house tiger also play a role.

Choose a cat: choose the right age and gender

Do you have time to take good care of a kitten? From the age of ten to twelve weeks at the earliest, the little ones can be separated from their mother. Then you need special food and a lot of attention. An adult cat, on the other hand, is suitable for families with small children. Experienced room tigers are not too quickly impressed by the rough handling of toddlers.

Buy a cat or a cat?

Whether you choose a cat or a cat makes all the difference if you don't neuter the animals. Uncastrated cats are usually very wild and mark their territory with urine. Female cats, on the other hand, that have not been sterilized, become bumpy at regular intervals, meow very loudly and are extremely nervous. Castrated or sterilized, you hardly notice a difference between the characters of cat and cat.

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Pedigree cat or mongrel?

Finally, you also have to decide whether it should be a pedigree cat or a mixed breed. A pedigree cat is a kitty that belongs to a certain breed, with a pedigree and a characteristic appearance. Every cat is individual, but many breeds can be assigned certain basic characteristics - even if there is never a guarantee for this.

Carthusians or Burmese, for example, are considered a calm, level-headed breed. Norwegian forest cats are made for outdoors and should not be kept as purely domestic cats. These and other attributions are sometimes closely linked to the respective cat breed. However: pedigree cats are more expensive to buy than hybrids.

Mixed-breed cats have parents who are not of the same breed. The wilder distribution of genes can result in very unique optical characteristics. Mixed breeds are said to be less predictable than pedigree cats.

Choosing a cat: what environment do you offer the animal?

Will your new pet become a free lover or apartment tiger? You should determine that from the start. For example, cats that have a run can be loners. While domestic cats usually like to live in company with a conspecific, if their person spends the whole day in the office. This does not mean that loners cannot feel comfortable indoors - it depends entirely on the character of the velvet paw.

There are cats who need a buddy to be busy and have fun. Other velvet paws, in turn, need their freedom and do not like to share their people with others. You should consider whether you can also take care of several cats, as these always represent a certain financial burden.