Which cat breed suits me? Tips for the decision

If you want to buy a pedigree cat, this purchase must be carefully considered. Hardly any cat breed is like the other. They all have different characters, needs and preferences. You can make the decision easier with a few specific questions. There are cat breeds for every taste - Shutterstock / Asichka

If you have decided to buy a pedigree cat, you are faced with a large selection of possible cat breeds. Not only is the appearance different, the breeds also differ greatly in their character and their needs. You shouldn't just make a decision based on your liking, but check carefully which cat breed best fits your life.

The right cat breed for your living situation

Do you live in a house with a garden or would your velvet paw have to settle for a small town apartment? In addition to the sensitive naked cats, almost all cats can be let outside and enjoy the exercise area. However, not all breeds are suitable for keeping them in the home. In this case, your decision should be made for a calm and affectionate breed like Ragdoll or Bombay cat.

Velvet paws that families love

Families with children need a house tiger that is playful and robust at the same time. After all, it can be a little rough when playing with small children. The good-natured Ragdoll or the Burmese cat is also suitable here, but Siamese cats and the Norwegian forest cat are also very playful. The Somali cat needs a lot of exercise and if you have a garden your children can run around with it wonderfully. Pay attention to any allergies you or your family may have. An alternative for allergy sufferers are cat breeds without fur, but these are sensitive and usually not suitable as family cats.

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Grooming and care as a further criterion

The decision about which breed of cat you want to take in should also depend on how much time you have for grooming the velvet paw. Persian and Angora cats have to be brushed several times a week. Siamese cats with their thin fur, on the other hand, have little hair and are therefore easy to care for. If you're out and about all day, a devoted cat like the Maine Coon or the European Shorthair may not be the one for you. It's best to talk to breeders, other cat owners, or veterinarians to find out which breed of cat really suits you.