This is how you can cool your cat down in the summer heat

Strong summer heat does not only cause problems for many people - cats also have problems with high temperatures. Cooling down and appropriate preparation for days when the sun is glowing will bring relief to your darling. That's how it's done: A beautiful white cat enjoys the sunny day - Image: Shutterstock / itakefotos4u

Cats love warmth, but too much of it doesn't do them any good. They cannot sweat like we humans, because they only have sweat glands on their paws. They lack the natural mechanism for regulating the heat balance, which is why sunburn and heatstroke threaten at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. A cool retreat is therefore important.

Cooling down in summer heat: a shady spot for your cat

Make sure that your house tiger can withdraw. Basements, shady oases of green plants or the cool bathroom tiles should be available for you around the clock. If you live in an attic, or generally very warm apartment, it is advisable to pull the blinds down during the day.

Please note that neither too cold nor too hot temperatures are good for your beloved velvet paw. Drafts, fans, and air conditioners can cause the cat to catch a cold or conjunctivitis, while it can be fatal to leave a cat in the car in the sun.

Skin and fur care on hot days

Cats shave more in the summer heat. Help her to ventilate her warm fur a little better and brush her frequently. A furminator can work wonders for cats with thick fur. It removes dead fur and thins out the undercoat.

Cats can also get sunburnt in strong sunlight. White cats are the most susceptible to this. Think about whether to leave these cats in the apartment during the midday heat, and if necessary, lotion your ears and nose area with an unscented baby sunscreen.

Summer with cats: tips for refreshment and cooling off

Cats also need a little cooling on hot summer days: be it in the form of a beautiful ...

In summer, a cat should have water at several locations. Whether bowl, bucket or garden pond - the main thing is that your cat has the opportunity to drink enough everywhere. Drinking lazy cats can be tricked with a little water over the wet or dry food to absorb enough fluid.

If the thermometer climbs to maximum values, room tigers get a little cooling off by brushing and wetting the fur with their saliva. Only the really big water rats do proper bathing, but you can support your kitten a little in the summer with a damp cloth and wet the head and back region with water. Many animals find this form of cooling in summer heat pleasant!