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Cat or hangover - what suits you?

If you want to take a house tiger with you and are not sure whether a cat or cat suits you better, you can rest assured: The sex of a neutered domestic cat affects its behavior much less than its character. Cat or hangover? The character is much more important - Image: Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

Again and again one hears that neutered cats are particularly calm and cuddly, while cats are considered to be headstrong - but one should not rely on them. How calm and how cuddly a cat or a cat is depends more on the nursery, the breed, the age and the housing conditions than on the gender.

Cat or hangover: when gender matters

In some cases, the sex of a pet can still be a criterion for selection, especially if you already have a cat at home or want to buy two. When it comes to playing behavior, cats and cats are often very different, in addition to that cats are often significantly larger, stronger and heavier than cats.

Young cats in particular tend to play much rougher than cats. If a male cat is also physically superior to his female colleague, this can result in an unfavorable situation. It can therefore be much more peaceful for you if you either keep two cats or two cats together.

Free-range cats and neutered cats

If you want to keep your cat as a walker, you should keep in mind that cats often stay closer to the house than their male colleagues who like to go for longer walks, especially if they are not neutered. If you live near busy streets, you should also consider this when choosing.

Starter sets for small and large cats

When a new cat moves in, it is exciting for humans and animals. So take care beforehand ...

If your pet is not to be neutered, both genders can experience vocal harassment with meowing etc., behavioral problems and undesirable behavior such as marking - in this case, it does not matter much whether you choose a cat or a cat.