Tips for meeting other dogs while walking

When you go for a walk with your four-legged friend, you often meet other dogs. You can take some precautions so that there is no quarrel or even a fight. With a few tips, the encounters between dogs run harmlessly - Image: Shutterstock / Volodymyr Burdiak


You know your four-legged friend very well and you probably know how he reacts when he encounters other dogs - but under certain circumstances, every animal can become unpredictable. To ensure that everything runs smoothly on a daily walk when you meet other people, it is advisable to take a few tips to heart.

Encounter with other dogs: keep calm

Your own behavior is transmitted to your dog at lightning speed. If you suddenly feel anxious, frightened or even panicked when you meet other dogs, your four-legged friend will notice this. The way you act will be transferred to your dog's behavior. Therefore, do not hectically change the side of the street just because another dog is coming towards you. Allow the two dogs to meet and watch - this is mostly harmless, the two will sniff each other and maybe bark briefly.

The guiding principle "Equal rights for everyone" is also helpful: This tip means specifically that both animals should be given the same opportunities for communication. If you encounter other dogs that are on a leash, you should also keep your four-legged friend on a leash, if possible, or at least keep him safely on foot. Leashed dogs are restricted in their movement and communication - they can feel harassed by free-roaming comrades.

You decide where to go on a walk

It is important that you give clear signals. If you notice on the walk that an encounter with other dogs is going in the wrong direction, they must intervene. If your four-legged friend ruffles the fur, suddenly becomes stiff and may even start to growl, it's time to go. Give calmly but firmly the command "Come!" and move away from the situation. In the worst case, if you watch uncertainly for too long, there can be a fight between the two dogs.

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