Summer with cats: tips for refreshment and cooling off

Cats also need a little cooling on hot summer days: be it in the form of a beautiful shady spot, a fun paddling pool especially for brave velvet paws or a relieving fur care unit that the warm undercoat has to believe in. Summer with cats: tips for refreshment and cooling - Image: Shutterstock / DavidTB

1. Splashing for brave velvet paws: Kitty Lake

Many a water-shy cat dares on very warm days: splashing around a little with the paws in the cool water and refreshing yourself from the extensive sunbathing is so nice! The cute, little Kitty Lake offers velvet paws a safe opportunity to try it out and can also be wonderfully combined with waterproof toys.

2. Brushing makes the fur more airy

In summer, the thick cat fur should be regularly cleaned of dead fur and loose hair, so that the warm temperatures can be made as pleasant as possible for our house tigers. Special brushes such as the Furminator thin out the thick undercoat a little and care for the cat fur perfectly for the summer.

3. Drinking a lot is important: Practical drinking fountain for house tigers

It is very important that cats drink enough on warm days, especially if they are fed dry food and do not absorb any liquid through the food. A drinking fountain with running water comes very close to the cat's natural drinking behavior and thus encourages even lazy pets to drink enough water.

4. A spot in the shade: important for sun worshipers

Many cats love the blazing sun, but when the thermometer rises to summer temperatures outside, it gets too warm for them at the latest in the midday heat. Accessories such as the cat tent as a small, shady resting place for your pet are a nice addition to trees, large plants and other shady places.

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