Employment opportunities for old cats

Old cats may no longer be as agile and agile as their young counterparts - nevertheless, many senior domestic tigers also like to play and enjoy varied activities. Which toy is suitable for this and what should be considered when choosing? Old cats like to take it easy when playing - Image: Shutterstock / Ortis1

Of course, old cats shouldn't be forced to do anything - but many older four-legged friends like to get involved in a little bit of fun if they are motivated accordingly. If you want to encourage your velvet paw to play, it is best to use variety and cat toys that are also suitable for seniors.

Fumble boards and puzzle games for old cats

For older cats, toys that are busy but not physically spent are suitable. Intelligence toys, so-called activity boards, fiddle boards and food labyrinths are often a welcome way for physically limited four-legged friends to pass the time in a demanding way. They can pursue their hunting instinct in a quiet way, work out their food and enjoy a little more variety in everyday life. A snack ball is also fun for many seniors and fits well into the toy repertoire of old cats.

Quieter games with feather hinge and cord

Classic cat toys such as feather fishing and cords can also give old cats a lot of pleasure. They will probably not play with it as wildly as their younger counterparts, but almost no four-legged friend can be missed fishing comfortably with their paws afterwards. If your pet is no longer so interested in toys, it is best to surprise him with a new model in between that you have made yourself or brought from the shop. This should give you the best chance of animating the house lion. Instead of challenging wild hunting games, take it easy when playing and let the fur nose set the pace.

Scratching post and climbing toys for seniors

Perhaps your cat was an avid climber at a young age, but now has trouble getting onto her large cat tree. If you observe this, you, your cat for love, should buy a smaller tree, on which the velvet paw can still sharpen its claws and go to the viewing platforms with little effort. Hammocks, caves and cuddly spots should also be so low that the kitty can get in easily, because cuddling fun and hide-and-seek are fun even for the oldest house tigers.

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