Paw injury in dogs: how can you avoid them?

You probably know this: Your dog limps suddenly and doesn't want to take a step anymore. Usually a paw injury is the cause. If you know the most important sources of danger, you can easily avoid such wounds. It usually runs smoothly on a short, clean lawn - Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPics

Since dogs do not wear socks or shoes like we do, they are very susceptible to paw injuries. Wounds in this sensitive area heal very slowly, because the four-legged friend of course needs his paws every day and it is difficult to protect them. That's why it's all the more important to prevent paw injuries.

The most common causes of paw injury

The greatest source of danger is undoubtedly broken glass. Therefore, take your dog on a leash if you have discovered broken bottles or the like while walking. Tall grass in busy places, for example where barbecues or barbecues have been celebrated, is also dangerous. Small pieces of broken glass or other sharp-edged objects can also hide here. Avoid walking your dog in such places.

Branches with thorns running on the ground - for example from wild berry bushes - quickly lead to a paw injury: If your dog treads on it, a thorn can get stuck in the paw and break off. Often the cause of the limping can hardly be recognized. So avoid walking near acacia trees, such as the black locust, which is known for its thorny branches.

Avoid using road salt in winter

As soon as winter arrives, many people resort to road salt. This quickly turns the walk on footpaths into a gauntlet for dogs. The reason: the aggressive salt settles between the toes and causes unpleasant small cracks that can even ignite with a lot of bad luck. After a winter walk, wash your dog's paws thoroughly with warm water.

Some four-legged friends make road salt a lot more difficult than others. You can recognize this from the fact that your dog does not want to continue walking during the winter or licks and nibbles on his paws for a long time after walking the dog. In this case, you should put on special shoes from the specialist retailer when it comes to the door. Or you try to avoid walks along scattered sidewalks completely.

Incidentally, sharp-edged chippings, which are distributed on some streets, have a similar effect to salt. Avoid appropriate places when walking and treat the paws just as with road salt if necessary.

Dog shoes for paw protection

Dog shoes can be used for various reasons - for example, around the dog paws ...

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