First aid for a dog with sunstroke

A sunstroke can be life-threatening for your dog, which is why the right first aid measures are extremely important. Read here what you should do first if your four-legged friend has received too much sun. A sunstroke can be dangerous for the dog - Shutterstock / Ivonne Wierink

A sunstroke can manifest itself with various symptoms, including fast and shallow breathing, an accelerated pulse, impaired consciousness and also loss of consciousness. Balance disorders and cramps can also indicate the typical summer clinical picture. First aid can save your dog's life, because in the worst case a sunstroke can be fatal.

First aid for sunstroke: shadows and fluids

If you find that your four-legged friend has been in the sun for too long, it is important that you protect them immediately from the sun and put them in the shade. First aid should focus primarily on cooling your overheated four-legged friend. Offer him water to drink as soon as possible, but do not force the water in. Also make sure that it is not ice water - the large temperature difference would only make your dog's body even more difficult.

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Further measures to cool down

After taking the patient out of the sun and providing them with fluid, it is important that you cool down affected dogs. For example, put your four-legged friend on a damp, cool towel and place a damp cloth over his head. Warning: Under no circumstances should you shower the sun worshiper with water or the like. It is better if you dampen your paws with cool water and then work your way down with water-soaked wipes to the upper legs to cool him down further.

Ideally, you should provide your dog with self-cooling instant cold compresses - these should be an integral part of the dog emergency case, especially in summer. Even if you have already got a good handle on your dog's sunstroke thanks to first aid, you should immediately go to the veterinarian to make sure that your four-legged friend is really well again.

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